Seeds shopping list

Just what I need to brighten myself up.

A shopping list of seeds and plants.  Deep breath, here goes:


  • Boltardy – grew this last year and was pleased with the results, the beets weren’t too large and tasted great.
  • Burpee’s Golden – not sure about the name but it looks good.  Also am keen to try a yellow beetroot.  Does it taste the same as the red I wonder?

Salad leaves

  • Salad bowl – green mixed leaves
  • Delicato – red salad bowl


  • Maskotka – grew this outside in large pots last year.  It was  an easy plant to grow and produced lots and lots of fruit.
  • Lizzano F1 – apparently blight resistant and suitable for growing in containers outside
  • Basil – keeps very well on the kitchen windowsill too
  • Leaf Coriander – love the flavour, must grow again
  • Gooseberries – seldom see these in the shops so am really, really tempted to try growing a gooseberry bush.  There are so many varieties to choose from too!  Haven’t made my mind up just yet…
  • Rhubarb – must try and grow this.  I wonder if it will grow in a deep tub or bin?


  • Poached egg plant – love these flowers – they look so ‘sunny’!
  • Lobelia – love these tiny flowers that grow in clusters.  Very keen on the dark blue/purples
  • Nigella – love these!  Flowers in so many colours and the seed heads are beautiful too.  Choc Ice looks very stylish but I also love the mixed colours too.
  • Night Phlox – I thought I had bought this last year but I soon realised that I had mis-heard what my Dad said his plants were.  I went out and bought night-scented stock.  – What a mistake!
  • Nicotiana – grew the lime green last year and it was so dramatic (and large).  Need to decide which variety to choose this year.  Perhaps I could find space for two…
  • Erigeron – this looks lovely spilling out of paths, steps and edges.  I hope I can introduce it around the place to soften the edges.
  • Cosmos – never grown this but spotted it in a front garden in a village near by.  Thought it was stunning and so lovely to see clouds of flowers and leaves in August / September.  Not sure about the variety as I’m not keen on the ‘bubble gum pink’.  I would prefer either white or the dark pink… hmm

Now where am I going to sow/grow all of these?  I haven’t got a greenhouse, I use a small garage with a clear carport type roof then grow the veg in pots on the sunny patio.

I’m sure I will find the space!

Enjoy your seed shopping, let’s look ahead to Spring!

For inspiration (sigh!) have a look at: