Prune the tomato plants…

Gardeners’ World advised to remove the leaves from tomato plants to try to ensure remaining fruits ripen.  OK – here goes.

tomato plants without their leaves

All the leaves are off, the plants look very sad now but hopefully the remaining toms will start to ripen up.  One plant has died as it blew over, so have taken off all the green tomatoes and have put them into a bowl with a banana and covered with a plate.  Lets hope they ripen up..


Tomato plants are growing well – didn’t realise that they would be so large!  The seed packet said for patio tubs but didn’t show what size!

tomato plants on the patio

Get the longer bamboo canes and wind string around to try to keep the plants inside. – Note for next year, use larger canes and put more compost in each tub.