April showers and flowers…

Phew…! I suppose this is typical April weather but it doesn’t make it easy to get outside in the garden…

I have only had time to potter around this week after work but have been pleased to see the flowers are really starting to come up.

My ‘star flowers’ at the moment are the fritillary flowers.  I do love these so much and am thrilled that they have come up in the raised beds on the shady side of the garden.  In the Autumn I will plant some more into the grass…  I had a photo I particularly liked so I have added it as a banner in the site, it think it looks very dramatic.  As a contrast, here is my only white flower.  It looks so delicate!

Beautiful white fritillary flower

What else is there…?

The clematis montana is full of small flower buds and its new leaves have just appeared this week.  I think the flowers will be a pale pink fading to white but I can’t remember which variety I bought last year.  How exciting, it will be a surprise when it flowers!

clematis montana buds against the trellis

Also at the end of the garden my white bergenia has flowered and also there are mysterious new bulbs sprouting in the grass.  They don’t look very exciting yet but I am hoping they are my blue camassia bulbs.

white bergenia flowers  new bulbs in grass

I also bought two little plants to brighten up the garden (they won’t be planted together) because they would really COLOUR CLASH.

A two coloured grape hyacinth and a really dramatic celandine ‘Brazen Hussy’.  The colour contrast between the acid yellow flower petals and the deep purple, almost black leaves is fabulous!  The flower is so bright you almost need sunglasses on to look at it!

white and light blue grape hyacinths  celandine brazen hussy flower

close up of celandine flower

What will flower next?  My tree peony is still in bud, I don’t suppose there has been enough sun yet but it does seem rather early as the peony at the front garden has only just started growing.  I also noticed a very, very early california poppy bud.  I shall keep an eye on these.

tree peony bud  california poppy buds

My seeds aren’t doing much yet but the Rudbeckia is showing tiny, tiny shoots…

Let’s hope that sunshine is on its way.  (Although the rain is very welcome and a good chance to top up the water butt).