I never look forward to this.  Each Spring I look at the Sambucus Nigra and I know I have to prune it (quite drastically) but each year I worry that I will kill it.

It has grown far, far, too tall so it must be done and TODAY is the day.

Sambucus Nigra before pruning

I think I was carried away this time, there doesn’t seem to be a lot left…

Sambucus Nigra prunings Sambucus Nigra pruned

Once again, I hope I haven’t killed it this year!

On a more positive note my Eucomis ‘sparkling burgundy’ bulbs are showing some green tips.  On Gardeners World the advice was to water bulbs and leave for (I think) a month.  So, I will visit these again in a few weeks…

Eucomis sparkling burgundy bulbs

Time to chop up the Sambucus and then have a cup of tea I think!