I had wondered where the winter weather was… but hadn’t quite expected this!

On Saturday morning took a photo of the snowdrops at the front.  They are flowering much later and the clump is much smaller than the snowdrops at the back.  Also I have no idea what variety these are as there is no label to be seen…

small snowdrops black ivy berries in the sunshine

Note to myself – must be more organised! (as always)

The ivy on the front fence, which belongs to our neighbours, looks great – leaves shiny and bright green plus it is full of black berries.  The birds are supposed to like to eat these but they rarely do.  I think it is because this is right next to the pavement and the birds don’t feel very secure.

I took a photo of the insect box when I had a look to see if there were any bees ‘at home’.  Sadly there weren’t but perhaps they will find it next year… It looks so untidy, very unlike the neat ones that you can buy in the shops.  (Don’t suppose that makes any difference to the bees though).

Also the pond has a layer of ice on the top.  No sign of the fish but I think that is a good thing at the moment.  The plant leaves look lovely frozen in place.  Another job for the spring tidy up.

leaves frozen in the pond insect house

Snow starts to fall… Perfect excuse to finalise my list of seeds to order!

Keep warm!

Tidy up!

Today was the day…

Well, the day that I started tidying up after winter…  I stopped when there was no more space in the green bin and I decided that a cup of tea and biscuit(s) in the warmth was what I needed!

magnolia bud

Not sure if my magnolia stellata will actually flower this spring… there are plenty of buds but they don’t look very ‘fat’.  Is there a flower inside here??

Because I was clearing away so much dead leaves/twigs/grasses etc I was on the look out for new ‘greenery’.  This garden seems to be so far behind others I have seen.  There aren’t many new shoots showing yet!  Perhaps I’m too impatient…

I do have some bulbs showing green leaves but not many flowers.  I thought that grape hyacinths were fairly indestructible – not for me though!

The holly bush still has berries and this looked very bright and cheerful so I thought I would add this photo – even though holly is usually thought of in connection with Christmas.

red holly berries variegated leaves

I was pleased to see some ladybirds ‘hibernating’ (do they do this?) in the garden… Last autumn I made a ‘insect house’ and stacked it with lengths of bamboo.  – This was difficult   to do as bamboo is hard to cut and none of the bits I cut were the same length when I had finished.  Today I saw that bits had fallen out so I filed in the gaps with euphorbia stems (hollow and easy to cut to size).  So this is now finished – but where were the ladybirds?

…These ladybirds preferred the trellis and a dead foxglove leaf!

ladybirds in dead foxglove leaf ladybirds on trellis

Is it Spring or Winter?

Overnight frost and a chilly start to the day at last.  The birds are singing and the spring bulbs just starting to show…

Snowdrops in the back garden are green clumps with some white tips but the flowers aren’t open yet.  No sign of them at all in the front garden…

Found some tiny primroses in flower and that was really great to see!


Had to tie back two branches of pyracantha which had blown over.  They should be tied to trellis on the side fence but were lying on the ground.  Very prickly job!  But the frost on the berries was lovely.

Pyracantha berries with frost

Berries are looking good!

The pyracantha berries are looking good, lovely shades of red and orange / yellow.  The birds must have lots of food around at the moment because they haven’t started on these yet.  Good, I can admire them for a few more weeks!

red pyracantha berries

The sorbus tree at the front has HUGE white berries that are almost as large as moth balls (does anyone else remember those?).  The tree is young and the branches are weighed down so I have cut some of the bunches off.