Beetroot bonanza? (well, not yet)

Special evening this evening, picked and ate our first beetroot!  Took a photo to mark the special event.  Beetroot was very tasty, roasted with other veg (not home grown sadly).





It’s still so hot and dry!  Alliums are in flower at the front, choysia is covered in delicate white flowers which have a faint fragrance.  The sorbus has blossom just starting to show and the first aquilegia is out in the back garden.  Dark purple which a white border, a bit like the variety I had two years ago A. ‘William Guinness’.

Seeds – salad leaves have started to sprout, I think the beetroots may be starting too!  The tomato seedlings are growing well BUT I managed to flatten them by watering.  Don’t know if they will straighten up?