Allium as sculpture

The seed heads of Allium Christophii and Allium Purple Sensation are a fantastic sight.  They have dried out and the large black seeds are visible now as the seed heads have popped open.  They are still so beautiful that I am leaving them on display.  When they have blown over I have picked them up and put them in a vase.  I will try to keep them until Christmas – a festive decoration with a difference…

allium seed head



It’s still so hot and dry!  Alliums are in flower at the front, choysia is covered in delicate white flowers which have a faint fragrance.  The sorbus has blossom just starting to show and the first aquilegia is out in the back garden.  Dark purple which a white border, a bit like the variety I had two years ago A. ‘William Guinness’.

Seeds – salad leaves have started to sprout, I think the beetroots may be starting too!  The tomato seedlings are growing well BUT I managed to flatten them by watering.  Don’t know if they will straighten up?