Is it Spring or Winter?

Overnight frost and a chilly start to the day at last.  The birds are singing and the spring bulbs just starting to show…

Snowdrops in the back garden are green clumps with some white tips but the flowers aren’t open yet.  No sign of them at all in the front garden…

Found some tiny primroses in flower and that was really great to see!


Had to tie back two branches of pyracantha which had blown over.  They should be tied to trellis on the side fence but were lying on the ground.  Very prickly job!  But the frost on the berries was lovely.

Pyracantha berries with frost


Astrantia – mini sculptures

I just love these little flowers!  They make a stunning show, the colours and shades are so beautiful and the combination of leaves and flowers is beautiful.  To have a second show at this time of year is a real bonus too.


Berries are looking good!

The pyracantha berries are looking good, lovely shades of red and orange / yellow.  The birds must have lots of food around at the moment because they haven’t started on these yet.  Good, I can admire them for a few more weeks!

red pyracantha berries

The sorbus tree at the front has HUGE white berries that are almost as large as moth balls (does anyone else remember those?).  The tree is young and the branches are weighed down so I have cut some of the bunches off.

Prune the tomato plants…

Gardeners’ World advised to remove the leaves from tomato plants to try to ensure remaining fruits ripen.  OK – here goes.

tomato plants without their leaves

All the leaves are off, the plants look very sad now but hopefully the remaining toms will start to ripen up.  One plant has died as it blew over, so have taken off all the green tomatoes and have put them into a bowl with a banana and covered with a plate.  Lets hope they ripen up..

Allium as sculpture

The seed heads of Allium Christophii and Allium Purple Sensation are a fantastic sight.  They have dried out and the large black seeds are visible now as the seed heads have popped open.  They are still so beautiful that I am leaving them on display.  When they have blown over I have picked them up and put them in a vase.  I will try to keep them until Christmas – a festive decoration with a difference…

allium seed head

Finally, a white Japanese Anemone!

The Japanese Anemone (bought from a supermarket) didn’t like where I planted it last year.  It looked rather sickly and didn’t want to grow new leaves let along flower.  So this Spring I moved it and planted it in the shady side of the garden in the raised beds.  It has had a slow start but looks healthier than last year and has finally flowered!

White Japanese Anemone

Purple ‘pom-poms’

My verbena bonariensis plants are fantastic!  The appear to float above the rest of the plants and catch the sunlight.  More flowers are appearing on side branches so they give quite a full effect.  Even my seedlings that went ‘sideways’ have now found a way upright and they too are starting to flower.

Verbena flowers

Fantastic display, can believe they have grown so tall so quickly!  Must grow again from seed next year.  I wonder if I can keep seeds from these plants too??