At last!

I haven’t had much time recently to get out into the garden – but – this weekend made a start again, weeding, checking for signs of new growth, cutting back and doing a bit of tidying…

Over the past few days I have been admiring the beautiful magnolia flowers in the area, both Magnolia stellata and Magnolia grandiflora are looking fabulous in spite of the recent overnight frosts.  So, I thought this morning as I was driving to work – has mine flowered yet???

Well it has,  AT LAST! (in its own small way, it was a new plant last year).  Ready?

Magnolia Stellata flower opening

Magnolia Stellata flower open

I just love these flowers!  They look amazing with the low sunshine glowing through the petals!  They are the ‘star’ plants in the garden at the moment!

So what else is there?

I had to ‘tame’ the lovely Euphorbia griffithii ‘Fireglow’.  It has spread along the raised bed at the side of the garden, it’s making headway in the space that the Phormium used to inhabit.  I had to cut some back as it was overshadowing the neighbouring plants but I wondered if I can get it to root.  I did take a cutting last autumn which is still growing but I don’t know if it is too late in the year to do this now… I will find out soon I guess.

Euphorbia Cuttings Euphorbia sprouting

Also on the shady side of the garden I noticed a really tiny cluster of spotty leaves… very exciting to see – this tiny plant is, deep breath, Dactylorhiza fuchsii (Spotted Orchid).  And yes, I typed that up from the plant label!

Spotted orchid leaves

I’ve just noticed that the leaves have been eaten at the edges!

Moving over to the sunny side of the garden spent some time weeding out foxglove and nigella self sown seedlings.  Then I noticed that the tree peony, also purchased last year is not just alive – I really thought it was going to die – but has FLOWER BUDS!  I counted 5!

Tree peony buds

On top of that the Sambucas Nigra is still alive – it is shooting up so my drastic pruning hasn’t killed it this year!

Happy days, enjoy your gardening!


I never look forward to this.  Each Spring I look at the Sambucus Nigra and I know I have to prune it (quite drastically) but each year I worry that I will kill it.

It has grown far, far, too tall so it must be done and TODAY is the day.

Sambucus Nigra before pruning

I think I was carried away this time, there doesn’t seem to be a lot left…

Sambucus Nigra prunings Sambucus Nigra pruned

Once again, I hope I haven’t killed it this year!

On a more positive note my Eucomis ‘sparkling burgundy’ bulbs are showing some green tips.  On Gardeners World the advice was to water bulbs and leave for (I think) a month.  So, I will visit these again in a few weeks…

Eucomis sparkling burgundy bulbs

Time to chop up the Sambucus and then have a cup of tea I think!