Starting up…

It’s been a lovely warm and sunny day!  Such a shame to be at work, sitting in an office working at a PC.

However – when I came home I had two packets full of growing potential lying on the doormat.  SEEDS!  Mine were mail order from Dobies of Devon and Sarah Raven’s Kitchen Garden.

Before I opened the envelopes I went outside to see what was ‘happening’ in the garden.  Very pleased to see that my crocus bulbs have flowered – dark purple, light purple, white, yellow and a lovely white and purple.  A really good start to the ‘wild’ part of the grass.

Crocus flowers in the grass white and purple crocus flowers

Also there were crocus flowers at the edge of the slate path right next to the raised beds.  Surprisingly these are on the north facing side of the garden.  They look bright and cheerful and really brighten things up.

crocus flowers growing at the edge of the path

Back indoors to look at the seeds!

Packets are rather large… how many have I ordered….?  Also how and where am I going to sow them!  At least some of them can be sown directly outside, probably in May.

I have:

  • Aquilegia Lime Sorbet
  • Agastache Liquorice Blue
  • Beetroot Boltardy
  • Beetroot Burpee’s Golden
  • Basil Gecofure
  • Coriander Calypso
  • Cosmos bipinnatus Purity
  • Cosmos dark mix
  • Delphinium best blues
  • Erigeron Profusion
  • Lettuce green oak leaf
  • Leaf beet Bright Lights
  • Lobelia Mrs Cilbran
  • Limnanthes Douglasii
  • Nicotiana sylvestris
  • Nicotiana Lime Green
  • Nigella papillosa African Bride
  • Night Phlox
  • Summer salad leaf mix
  • Salvia virdis Blue Clary
  • Tomato Maskotka
  • Tomato Lizzano F1
  • Verbena bonariensis

Spring – I’m ready whenever it arrives!

Enjoy your seed ordering / sowing / planting / planning!

1 thought on “Starting up…

  1. Has ‘Spring Sprung’ already?… Lovely photographs to go along with a wonderful read… Sounds like there will be a forest of bloom come May/June

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