Starting up…

It’s been a lovely warm and sunny day!  Such a shame to be at work, sitting in an office working at a PC.

However – when I came home I had two packets full of growing potential lying on the doormat.  SEEDS!  Mine were mail order from Dobies of Devon and Sarah Raven’s Kitchen Garden.

Before I opened the envelopes I went outside to see what was ‘happening’ in the garden.  Very pleased to see that my crocus bulbs have flowered – dark purple, light purple, white, yellow and a lovely white and purple.  A really good start to the ‘wild’ part of the grass.

Crocus flowers in the grass white and purple crocus flowers

Also there were crocus flowers at the edge of the slate path right next to the raised beds.  Surprisingly these are on the north facing side of the garden.  They look bright and cheerful and really brighten things up.

crocus flowers growing at the edge of the path

Back indoors to look at the seeds!

Packets are rather large… how many have I ordered….?  Also how and where am I going to sow them!  At least some of them can be sown directly outside, probably in May.

I have:

  • Aquilegia Lime Sorbet
  • Agastache Liquorice Blue
  • Beetroot Boltardy
  • Beetroot Burpee’s Golden
  • Basil Gecofure
  • Coriander Calypso
  • Cosmos bipinnatus Purity
  • Cosmos dark mix
  • Delphinium best blues
  • Erigeron Profusion
  • Lettuce green oak leaf
  • Leaf beet Bright Lights
  • Lobelia Mrs Cilbran
  • Limnanthes Douglasii
  • Nicotiana sylvestris
  • Nicotiana Lime Green
  • Nigella papillosa African Bride
  • Night Phlox
  • Summer salad leaf mix
  • Salvia virdis Blue Clary
  • Tomato Maskotka
  • Tomato Lizzano F1
  • Verbena bonariensis

Spring – I’m ready whenever it arrives!

Enjoy your seed ordering / sowing / planting / planning!

Seeds shopping list

Just what I need to brighten myself up.

A shopping list of seeds and plants.  Deep breath, here goes:


  • Boltardy – grew this last year and was pleased with the results, the beets weren’t too large and tasted great.
  • Burpee’s Golden – not sure about the name but it looks good.  Also am keen to try a yellow beetroot.  Does it taste the same as the red I wonder?

Salad leaves

  • Salad bowl – green mixed leaves
  • Delicato – red salad bowl


  • Maskotka – grew this outside in large pots last year.  It was  an easy plant to grow and produced lots and lots of fruit.
  • Lizzano F1 – apparently blight resistant and suitable for growing in containers outside
  • Basil – keeps very well on the kitchen windowsill too
  • Leaf Coriander – love the flavour, must grow again
  • Gooseberries – seldom see these in the shops so am really, really tempted to try growing a gooseberry bush.  There are so many varieties to choose from too!  Haven’t made my mind up just yet…
  • Rhubarb – must try and grow this.  I wonder if it will grow in a deep tub or bin?


  • Poached egg plant – love these flowers – they look so ‘sunny’!
  • Lobelia – love these tiny flowers that grow in clusters.  Very keen on the dark blue/purples
  • Nigella – love these!  Flowers in so many colours and the seed heads are beautiful too.  Choc Ice looks very stylish but I also love the mixed colours too.
  • Night Phlox – I thought I had bought this last year but I soon realised that I had mis-heard what my Dad said his plants were.  I went out and bought night-scented stock.  – What a mistake!
  • Nicotiana – grew the lime green last year and it was so dramatic (and large).  Need to decide which variety to choose this year.  Perhaps I could find space for two…
  • Erigeron – this looks lovely spilling out of paths, steps and edges.  I hope I can introduce it around the place to soften the edges.
  • Cosmos – never grown this but spotted it in a front garden in a village near by.  Thought it was stunning and so lovely to see clouds of flowers and leaves in August / September.  Not sure about the variety as I’m not keen on the ‘bubble gum pink’.  I would prefer either white or the dark pink… hmm

Now where am I going to sow/grow all of these?  I haven’t got a greenhouse, I use a small garage with a clear carport type roof then grow the veg in pots on the sunny patio.

I’m sure I will find the space!

Enjoy your seed shopping, let’s look ahead to Spring!

For inspiration (sigh!) have a look at:


I had wondered where the winter weather was… but hadn’t quite expected this!

On Saturday morning took a photo of the snowdrops at the front.  They are flowering much later and the clump is much smaller than the snowdrops at the back.  Also I have no idea what variety these are as there is no label to be seen…

small snowdrops black ivy berries in the sunshine

Note to myself – must be more organised! (as always)

The ivy on the front fence, which belongs to our neighbours, looks great – leaves shiny and bright green plus it is full of black berries.  The birds are supposed to like to eat these but they rarely do.  I think it is because this is right next to the pavement and the birds don’t feel very secure.

I took a photo of the insect box when I had a look to see if there were any bees ‘at home’.  Sadly there weren’t but perhaps they will find it next year… It looks so untidy, very unlike the neat ones that you can buy in the shops.  (Don’t suppose that makes any difference to the bees though).

Also the pond has a layer of ice on the top.  No sign of the fish but I think that is a good thing at the moment.  The plant leaves look lovely frozen in place.  Another job for the spring tidy up.

leaves frozen in the pond insect house

Snow starts to fall… Perfect excuse to finalise my list of seeds to order!

Keep warm!