Tidy up!

Today was the day…

Well, the day that I started tidying up after winter…  I stopped when there was no more space in the green bin and I decided that a cup of tea and biscuit(s) in the warmth was what I needed!

magnolia bud

Not sure if my magnolia stellata will actually flower this spring… there are plenty of buds but they don’t look very ‘fat’.  Is there a flower inside here??

Because I was clearing away so much dead leaves/twigs/grasses etc I was on the look out for new ‘greenery’.  This garden seems to be so far behind others I have seen.  There aren’t many new shoots showing yet!  Perhaps I’m too impatient…

I do have some bulbs showing green leaves but not many flowers.  I thought that grape hyacinths were fairly indestructible – not for me though!

The holly bush still has berries and this looked very bright and cheerful so I thought I would add this photo – even though holly is usually thought of in connection with Christmas.

red holly berries variegated leaves

I was pleased to see some ladybirds ‘hibernating’ (do they do this?) in the garden… Last autumn I made a ‘insect house’ and stacked it with lengths of bamboo.  – This was difficult   to do as bamboo is hard to cut and none of the bits I cut were the same length when I had finished.  Today I saw that bits had fallen out so I filed in the gaps with euphorbia stems (hollow and easy to cut to size).  So this is now finished – but where were the ladybirds?

…These ladybirds preferred the trellis and a dead foxglove leaf!

ladybirds in dead foxglove leaf ladybirds on trellis

Showers and new shoots

winter sun shining through bambooIt isn’t easy to get out in the garden at the moment…

The showers are blowing along quickly and everywhere is so wet.  The low sunlight through the black bamboo does look lovely though.

Its not a good idea to walk on clay soil (which is heavy enough anyway) so to get to the ‘wild’ corner and the pond I walk across the grass and just stick to the stepping stone path.

clump of snowdrops

I’ve seen spring flowers in other people’s gardens but only have one small clump of snowdrops here.  Perhaps I need to split the clump up after they have flowered…?

Last year I had some double flowers in the front garden but there is no sign of them at all at the moment…

I have some green shoots that may be grape hyacinths but no sign of flowers to give me a clue.  I really should have put some plant labels in the ground rather than trying to remember where the bulbs are.

I have a small success through!  I planted bulbs in the ‘wild’ part of the grass and today noticed that the spring crocus is about to flower!  So far I have four flowers (not a great show, I know) and checking back in my scrapbook I see that I bought 35  ‘snow crocus’ bulbs which are a mixture of  purple, light purple, yellow and white.  So far, my 4 flowers are purple but I’m quite happy that they have grown!

purple crocus in grassThe picture isn’t the most exciting but I think it is a good start to the ‘wild’ patch in the garden.

I also have other bulbs shooting up, these are the alliums that I planted last autumn.  I’m rather confused by this, it is far too early in the year for these isn’t it?

Such strange weather!

Anyway, my next ‘task’ is to choose what veg seeds to buy.  Just the thing to do on a grey, wet, windy day…

Is it Spring or Winter?

Overnight frost and a chilly start to the day at last.  The birds are singing and the spring bulbs just starting to show…

Snowdrops in the back garden are green clumps with some white tips but the flowers aren’t open yet.  No sign of them at all in the front garden…

Found some tiny primroses in flower and that was really great to see!


Had to tie back two branches of pyracantha which had blown over.  They should be tied to trellis on the side fence but were lying on the ground.  Very prickly job!  But the frost on the berries was lovely.

Pyracantha berries with frost