Lime green & evening scent…

Nicotiana (tobacco plant), grown from seed – badly – because they were clumped together and struggled for space.  I think that I had run out of small pots.  I decided to plant out my seedlings so thinned some out and planted them in my raised beds.  Surprisingly they grew and had to be thinned out again.

Nicotiana flowers

I hadn’t realised how large the plants would be, nor how large the leaves would get.  I had seen a more dainty plant – Nicotiana sylvestris – and this seems smaller in scale with more delicate flowers.  So at first I wasn’t too keen but decided to keep them.  Now am very pleased that I did.  The lime green really zaps in the early evening and the scent is great too.  Also the bees love it…  A must for next year.  Perhaps another variety too…

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