The seed packet said, ‘Spicy Salad Leaves’ and ‘Mixed Salad Leaves’ – perfect for pots.  And it is!  Both are growing well, and come back again after being cut down with scissors.  Great in salads and nothing beats popping outside to take a couple of chunks of leaves for packed lunch the next day.  A great success.

salad in pots

Successional sowings – have heard of this but don’t know where to start – another item for the ‘To do’ list!


Tomato plants are growing well – didn’t realise that they would be so large!  The seed packet said for patio tubs but didn’t show what size!

tomato plants on the patio

Get the longer bamboo canes and wind string around to try to keep the plants inside. – Note for next year, use larger canes and put more compost in each tub.